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Affiliate Agreement
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How to earn commission up to 60%

The commission will be transfer directly from our Paypal Account or issue a check directly to your bank account. You will be paid every on 10th of the month. Accounts with a minimum USD$100.00 will have payments made each month. If your commissions in any month are less than $100.00, it will be rolled over to send you a commission check on next month due when your aggregate commissions exceed $100.00

You will earn up to 60% of net profit based on Blue House Travel’s tiered commission structure. The commission will be paid in accordance with the following formula:

Commission Earned = (CI–HI)–(CI*TP*ACP)

Number of Departures Commission Percentage
1- 30 40%
31-59 42%
60-99 45%
100-199 50%
200+ 60%

Notes *

CI = Customer Invoice
HI = Hotel Invoice
TP = Transaction Percentage
ACP = Affiliate Commission Percentage

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